Kinder Kids, Safer Schools and Academic Excellence

An Introduction to the Virtues Project for Educators

Virtues Matter utilizes the 5 Strategies of the world renown Virtues Project to help youth leadership and family outreach programs, administrators, educators and families create an environment where students learn to be smart and choose to be good. This is not an add-on curriculum. It is a language and a lens that can be easily integrated into all aspects of your school and community to create a culture of character.

Schools around the world have adopted the five simple strategies of The Virtues Project to bring out the best in both students and educators.

  • Attendance increases because students feel safe, valued and connected.
  • Student achievement increases because students embrace 21st Century Skills, utilizing their strengths and gaining more confidence in learning.
  • Discipline referrals decrease because students feel heard and do not need to act out for attention. Bullies are often transformed into leaders.
  • The overall climate of the school is more peaceful and joyful, resulting in less stress for everyone and allowing staff and students to thrive.

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