Awakening the Gifts of Character

An Introduction to the 5 Strategies of the Virtues Project

In every culture, certain qualities are prized as inherent strengths of the human spirit. We call them “Gifts of Character.” Once you learn how to harness these gifts within you, anything becomes possible.

Start now and join us in a highly interactive and inspiring workshop. You will experience how The 5 Strategies of The Virtues Project can transform your life, personally and professionally.  As a result of participating, you will: 

  • Identify and strengthen your unique character qualities to bring joy, meaning and purpose to life
  • Learn the Language of Virtues - motivational words - to bring out the best in ourselves and others
  • Recognize Teachable Moments as gifts for growth
  • Set Clear Boundaries based on “Restorative Justice” for healthier lives and healthier relationships
  • Develop simple daily practices and reflections to nurture your spirit
  • Listen with compassionate curiosity to empower others to find clarity and create their own solutions.
  • Utilize The Five Strategies for strategic planning and incorporate them into your daily life

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