During this time of physical distancing,

it is even more important to connect deeply

with ourselves and others.


The well-being connection circle is a safe space to be authentic and openly share your thoughts and feelings.

It is a place to be seen, heard, honored and valued, while also providing the service of listening compassionately to others.

As a result of participating, you will feel uplifted, refreshed and inspired.

This process is a simple and powerful way to address compassion fatigue and burnout and help you .

Every Wednesday from 4-5p EST


Live online connection has the power to enlighten, heal and inspire.

It also gives the gift of those 'soft' skills to use at home, work and other areas of life.

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52 Weeks of Virtues

Week 1 - Discernment

Week 2 - Hope

Week 3 - Service

Week 4 - Unity

Week 5 - Patience

Week 6 - Love