Are you feeling the effects of Compassion Fatigue and COVID Fatigue, finding it difficult to focus, follow through and a little (ok, very) impatient these days? Are you craving a desire to return you to being the purposeful, loving, self-compassionate human you want to be in the world; the caring professional practicing with excellence and passion, the loving, devoted parent/grandparent, guiding your children to become who they are meant to be, and the inspiring leader practicing with integrity, dignity and exquisite tact? We feel you, as we do too!
That is why we have united to develop 'Season of Grace' online retreat experience, based on Linda Kavelin-Popov’s book, 'A Pace of Grace'.
'Season of Grace' will begin with a 3 hour introductory experience on March 21, from 1-4 PM eastern. It will be followed by 12 weekly 60-90 minute grace circles on Mondays from 7:00-8:00 PM EST.
The overall outcomes of this season are to help you:
  • connect more deeply with yourself and others
  • nourish your soul
  • deepen in the grace practices.
Please be our guest and join us for our free 90 minute webinar on Sunday, February 21, from 1-2:30 PM EST where you will experience "A Taste of a 'Season of Grace'".

Of 'A Pace of Grace,' The Dalai Lama says...

“A Pace of Grace contains vivid examples of how to make our daily lives meaningful.  I offer my prayers that those readers who sincerely put them into practice will achieve the inner peace that is the key to lasting happiness.”

Interested in the full online retreat?

The  'Season of Grace' is a restorative journey. We warmly invite you to join our community and explore ways to reset during this unusual time.

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