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Our partners recognize that acknowledging others

has a powerful impact.


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Organizations & Teams

  • Create positive, appreciative workplaces
  • Improve culture, motivation and morale
  • Establish meaningful team connections


  • Align with inspiring & uplifting global program
  • Deepen relationship with audience and others
  • Share engaging & thought-provoking content

Educators & Coaches

  • Nurture growth mindset & positive character
  • Enhance relationships and engagement with families
  • Improve classroom discipline through virtues language


Virtues Matter will...

  1. Highlight partner on website
  2. Provide social media to share
  3. Provide opportunities to connect with other partners
  4. Provide opportunities to shape “Share the L.O.V.E.’ 


Partners Will...

  1. Share LOVE to your community
  2. Collaborate with Virtues Matter leadership
  3. Engage community that promotes positivity, kindness and love
There are no financial costs, or legal responsibilities in being a partner.

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We greatly appreciate your patience and cooperation in completing this application. This information will help us tailor the support we provide your organization.

Let's Make Virtues Viral

Virtues Matter, The Virtues Project and partners will use a range of strategies to promote ’Share the LOVE’ including email, social media, press, partners and influencers. Once launched, the campaign could go viral by word of mouth through a simple call to action: share a Virtues Card and acknowledgement that….
  1. Makes you feel good and gives you a positive focus
  2. Is Simple: just share from your phone
  3. Uplifts the spirits of others
  4. Is Free: no cost for Sample Deck and low cost for Full Decks 
  5. Pays it forward when someone shares with you
  6. Helps you practice gratitude and appreciate others
  7. Encourages creativity through stories
  8. Builds connected communities 
  9. Elevates kindness, caring and compassion
  10. Is fun and a good experience