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In this challenging and unpredictable time, it’s more important than ever to inspire, connect with and uplift others.

#SharetheLOVE is a movement that empowers us to appreciate people, organizations, communities or even ideas for positive qualities such as generosity, justice, strength, commitment, and kindness.

It's as simple as sharing a Virtues Card by email, text or on social media and adding a personalized acknowledgement for the good you see.

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  1. Download Virtues Cards app & FREE Sample Deck
  2. Share card by text, email or post on social media

Add ‘I invite you to pay it forward and #SharetheLOVE!  Simply send a virtue and personalized acknowledgement by email, text, or social media. Download the Virtue Cards app today'

  1. Acknowledge person, organization or idea for positive quality

I appreciate your kindness helping me today.

You showed awesome perseverance finishing the project.

4. Post #sharetheLOVE or #sharetheLOVE{your team} on social media

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Share the LOVE is for Everyone

It really is! Do you want to...

  • Uplift and empower others?
  • Be your best?
  • Build a culture of appreciation & gratitude?
  • Create unity and healthy relationships?
  • Provide support, empathy & compassion?
  • Inspire, motivate & create positive change?

Rapid transition is leading to anxiety, trauma, and loss

But also compassion, cooperation, kindness, and optimism.

How can we meet challenges and opportunities?

How can we bring out the best in ourselves and others?

How can we amplify and expand good already taking place?

Easy to Use Everywhere

The Virtues Cards app change peoples lives. It was designed by Virtues Matter to aid all people in their everyday quest to lead lives of joy, meaning and purpose.

Based on work of partner, The Virtues Project, this work was endorsed by the Dalai Lama and honored by the United Nations.

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