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My Virtues of Sustainability - Celebrating 50 Years of Earth Day

virtues matter Apr 22, 2020

What brings us together? What is it that taps into our common humanity and drives us to care about each other?  

I believe we have a collective drive to live a life of joy, meaning and purpose - to meet our own needs and thrive as individuals as well as serve a broader goal. That calling, for myself and many others, includes protecting our planet. The environment sustains us through jobs, natural resources, recreation and quality of life. 

Whether you support cleaner energy,...

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2019 - A Year in Review

virtues matter Dec 23, 2019

A desire to have a life of ‘joy, meaning and purpose’ is a universal component of the human experience.  It is the foundation for cultures, ages, genders and religions worldwide.

It’s why Dara started ‘The Heart of Education’ in 2006 (with book of same name) to transform our schools and the systems that support them into environments that embrace the love of learning and help to develop the whole child.

Dave also comes from a place of purpose with a career...

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