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2019 - A Year in Review

virtues matter Dec 23, 2019

A desire to have a life of ‘joy, meaning and purpose’ is a universal component of the human experience.  It is the foundation for cultures, ages, genders and religions worldwide.

It’s why Dara started ‘The Heart of Education’ in 2006 (with book of same name) to transform our schools and the systems that support them into environments that embrace the love of learning and help to develop the whole child.

Dave also comes from a place of purpose with a career built around entrepreneurship, economic & community development, and sustainability.  

On January 1, 2019 we united and launched Virtues Matter, a mission-based business in partnership with The Virtues Project. with the basic premise - if people develop their virtues, all else will follow.

2019 was a busy year with many teachable moments.  Some of our  highlights are listed below. 

We are grateful for the generosity of support from all our friends, advisors, partners and...

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