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A new lens, a new language

What does good leadership look like during these exceptional times?
Our partner and friend, Toby Newstead, asked that very same question.
After participating in the two-day, "Virtues @ Work: The Virtues Project" - facilitated by Dara Feldman in 2017 - Toby wrote her PhD thesis on this program as a best practice for leaders to do good for themselves, their followers, organizations, and communities.
Her conclusion. "At the root of good leadership is character, and character is composed of virtues.  Virtues such as courage, wisdom, resilience, forgiveness, kindness, justice, integrity and honesty are the essence of character."
Her results analysis is why we chose the following 3-minute video as our inaugural blog post.
As you watch, think about your leadership/parenting style and what it feels like when someone sees and acknowledges the very best in you.

Testimonial - Toby Newstead
"Dara traveled halfway around the world to...
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