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What makes a good leader?

leadership Oct 11, 2019

Think of someone you admire as a leader. What characteristics sets them apart and what word(s) would you use to describe them?

Now ask yourself,”How many of these qualities do I possess? Are there some I would like to strengthen?"

At some point in your career (or family or community), you likely will take on a leadership role. Great leaders inspire political movements and social change. They also motivate others to perform, create, and innovate. Leadership is most simply understood as the process of one person getting other people to do something. Whether you’re leading a meeting, a project or a team, you will need to develop an approach based on factors like experience and personality that meets the unique needs of your team and its culture.

So, is there a style that is most effective for leadership? Leadership style refers to characteristic behaviors when directing, motivating, guiding, and managing groups of people. I won’t cover this in detail but familiar ...

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A Life of Purpose

Would you like a world with more kindness, caring, justice, peacefulness and unity?

What if we could cultivate a culture of integrity, courage, empathy and gratitude in our daily lives?

As a family, it’s something we talk about a lot. Recently, we decided to take a bold step and unite not just as a couple but also in business.  Expanding on our combined experience in education, sustainability and leadership, we launched Virtues Matter in January, 2019 to empower individuals to live by their highest values and help teams enhance trust, unity, and performance. Our programs are based on the seminal work of The Virtues Project, a global movement that has been endorsed by the Dalai Lama and honored by the United Nations,

In September, we facilitated two different workshops that provide valuable life-skills and practices that transform lives, both personally and professionally.  

At A Pace of Grace, we shared strategies to help people sustain a life...

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A new lens, a new language

What does good leadership look like during these exceptional times?
Our partner and friend, Toby Newstead, asked that very same question.
After participating in the two-day, "Virtues @ Work: The Virtues Project" - facilitated by Dara Feldman in 2017 - Toby wrote her PhD thesis on this program as a best practice for leaders to do good for themselves, their followers, organizations, and communities.
Her conclusion. "At the root of good leadership is character, and character is composed of virtues.  Virtues such as courage, wisdom, resilience, forgiveness, kindness, justice, integrity and honesty are the essence of character."
Her results analysis is why we chose the following 3-minute video as our inaugural blog post.
As you watch, think about your leadership/parenting style and what it feels like when someone sees and acknowledges the very best in you.

Testimonial - Toby Newstead
"Dara traveled halfway around the world to...
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