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Because of your commitment to invest in yourself and make the world a better place, we invite you to be one of our beta testers for the Virtues Cards mobile app which will be available on both the iOS and Android platforms.
We all want lives with more justice, kindness, honesty and compassion yet for many, our daily experiences, workplaces and society are dominated by something quite different. 
The Virtues Cards app uplifts humanity and make a difference for everyone.  
Thank you for your openness to learn more about the Virtues Cards app and consideration to join our team as a beta tester.
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Virtues Matter, in partnership with The Virtues ProjectTM (TVP), redesigned the Virtues Cards app to meet the growing demand worldwide.
The app, based on physical cards are used worldwide by individuals, governments, educators, businesses and institutions. It has created a global movement in 120+ countries that has been honored by the United Nations and endorsed by the Dalai Lama. 
Virtues help people live their deepest values. They offer us an opportunity to reflect on and practice our collective universal positive qualities of character.

Beta Participation

There are two reasons for Beta testing.
First, is to ensure the technology works on different devices. Over the next few weeks, we are wrapping up Alpha testing to fix obvious bugs.  Beta allows us to look at other possible configurations to identify glitches that occur when mass users try an app. 
The second, and main reason, is to better understand how the app is perceived in terms of function, user interface and design.  Frankly, we want to know how this app can help as many people as possible. 
We are asking Beta testers to:
  • Use the app daily for 21 days.  It can be as simple as doing a daily virtues pick, reading and reflecting on the card or a few more minutes journaling and sharing with others.
  • Report back with honest feedback about usability, interfaces and if/how the app brings you joy, meaning and purpose
  • Report any bugs or technical issues

We are aiming to launch the Beta test in the coming weeks.  Our dedicated Beta team will be reaching out with additional details as we get close to starting.

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