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Virtues Reflection Cards

A set of 100 full color card images featuring photographs of natural beauty from around the globe. Written for groups, teams or daily reflection. Reviewers have called them “sacred”, “exquisite”, “a guide to life.” Each cards contains

  • An in-depth description based on research from world’s diverse sacred traditions
  • Quotations from wisdom sources
  • Ways to practice each virtue
  • An affirmation

Sunset Meditation Cards

This new set has 56 beautiful cards from Virtues Project Founders, Linda and Dan Popov is designed as a legacy of their lives. Simple and elegant, they provide a moment of peace and mindfulness.  

Education Cards


Family Cards

The original set of 52 Virtues Cards is companion to the Family Virtues Guide. Teaches the language of self-esteem and integrity while nurturing family togetherness. They include an inspirational quote, a brief description of each virtue, signs of success and an affirmation.


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