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A quest for a life of joy, meaning, and purpose

This easy-to-use app is designed to aid you in your everyday quest to acquire and cultivate virtues—qualities such as compassion, gratitude, strength, hope, resilience, and justice. Like a book of daily readings, it guides you to develop upright character and, ultimately, to become your best self.

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"The Virtues Cards app is a wonderful addition to my daily focus times. I love the ability to "shake my phone" and have a reflection presented. Each time, it has been what I needed in that moment. Thank you for making this accessible and easy to use!"

Parent Complaint Coordinator

"It has been a pleasure using the Virtues app. I feel like I'm always learning things to help my human development and it's so easy to forget virtues if they're not right in front of me. The app is a quick, yet meaningful, reminder of different lessons I'd like to lead my life with."

Program Manager

How to Use the Virtues Cards app

The app can be used to help you make decisions, strengthen relationships, or simply provide a positive focus for your day. Parents can use the app to raise children of compassion and integrity. Educators can reference the app to create a safe and caring space for learning. Civic and business leaders can integrate the virtues to encourage excellence, ethical conduct, and a culture of recognition in the workplace.

App Features

Pick a Virtue

Shake your phone for a random card or select a specific virtue.


Post a virtue to social media or share with others via text or email.


Navigate the Shop to easily view and purchase additional decks for as low as $0.99.


Receive push notifications to schedule daily or for a special occasion.


Double tap to flip card or swipe left or right to change cards.


Select, mark, and filter to easily find virtues you saved.


Write insights and reflections.


Pinch to change card size or turn phone sideways to view in landscape.

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"According to my son, these cards are simply “magical”. Whenever he picks one he receives the answer that he’s looking for! I once read that the virtues are the CV of your character. The virtues cards are my daily guide. They help me develop my character, reflect on a virtue each day and how to put it in practice! The cards are a MUST HAVE!"


"Fantastic app - makes virtue cards available when most helpful. Packed with fun and useful features, excellent interface, simple to use. Whole experience has made virtues more accessible to the whole family."


Get Started with a Free Deck

The app is pre-loaded with a sample set of cards from our other decks, completely free to you! You can purchase an entire deck in in-app purchases in the SHOP.

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