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The new Virtues Cards app is launching soon!

An awesome tool to cultivate 'virtues', those universal positive qualities of character that make us thrive


The Virtues Cards App has a Simple User Interface and is Easy to Navigate. Features include:

Pick a Virtue

Shake your phone for a random card or select a specific virtue


Post a Virtue to social media or share card in text or email


Pinch to change card size. Turn phone sideways to view in landscape

Track Progress

Track favorites, previously read/unread cards and consecutive days picked


Write insights & reflect, upload photos, record audio, search & sort


Double tap to flip card (all double-sided). Swipe left or right to change cards


Manage preferences, reminders and notifications

Discussion Groups

Start private, team or public group to to share cards, content, ideas

The Virtues Cards are Being Used for...

  • Personal Development
  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • Community Development
  • Parenting and Families
  • Social Emotional Character Development
  • Equity and Social Justice
  • Restorative Practices
  • Spiritual and Religious Education
  • Corporate and Organizational Governance / Management
  • Resilience, Trauma and Healing
  • Performance Arts and Sports
  • End of Life Care

Updated Version - Coming Soon

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I turn to my trusty iPhone to pick a ‘Virtues Reflection’ card (love the ‘random’ function). It was at the most important time in my spiritual journey and darkest moments of loneliness that the Virtues app helped me to turn my life around.  J.B. _____________________________________________

Since embarking on my journey, I have used the app to make a Virtues pick - this is now part of my daily practice as mother, teacher & facilitator. M.R.    _____________________________________________

I want you to know that I have been enjoying the Virtue cards app. I've been shaking it for a new card at least once a day. The selections have been therapeutic and are helping me focus on the most important things rather than my minor woes. R.S. 


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