Virtues Project International

Bringing Out the Best in Ourselves and Others

The Virtues Project International Association (VPIA) was formed to promote The Virtues ProjectTM and ingnite virtues globally. 

VPIA, a Canadian not-for-profit, spans more than 100 countries and supports a network of thousands of facilitators who share its virtues-based principles and practices including The Five StrategiesTM

VPIA, provides inspiring, multi-cultural programs and materials and works with Master Facilitators and Facilitators worldwide to assure the broadest possible distribution of the materials, principles and strategies.

The Project is not affiliated with any particular faith but draws its research from all sacred traditions including the oral traditions of First Nations.

The Virtues Project Founders

The Virtues ProjectTM was founded in 1991 by Linda Kavelin-Popov, a psychotherapist, writer, speaker and hospice spiritual care director, Dr. Dan Popov, a pediatric/clinical psychologist and scholar in the Sacred Texts of the world’s religions, and John H. Kavelin, a Disney art director and designer, who brought their experience to a project which has quickly encompassed the globe.

They researched the world’s wisdom literature — the sacred texts of the religions and cultures — and discovered that running through them all like a silver thread were the virtues.

They wrote a book, "The Virtues Guide: A Handbook for Parents Teaching Virtues" which they self-published. They had no external funding or marketing plan, yet within two months, the book had found its way into + 20 countries by word of mouth alone. They delivered workshops worldwide until retiring in 2014 where Linda now blogs from her home in Hawaii.

Five Strategies

The 5 Strategies of the Virtues Project were developed to promote the practice of virtues in everyday life. Virtues Matter employs these strategies as a framework to inspire excellence, promote cooperation, improve communication and enable growth.

1. Speak the Language

2. Recognize Teachable Moments

3. Set Clear Boundaries

4. Honor The Spirit

5. Offer Spiritual Companioning



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