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About Us

Bringing Joy, Meaning and Purpose to Life

Who we Are

Virtues Matter is a passionate wife-husband team of social entrepreneurs led by Dara and Dave Feldman seeking to positively change as many lives as possible. 


To inspire and empower individuals, families, organizations and communities worldwide to build capacity, strengthen relationships and live with passion and purpose.

What We Do

Provide an interactive mobile app, dynamic workshops, online training and custom programs to help cultivate positive qualities of character, build strong relationships and support personal and professional growth.

We Believe in...

A world where people strive to develop positive qualities to better themselves, others and the world we all live. Where people live with hope, courage and in unity, committed to kindness and respect.  

Core Values 

  1. Service
  2. Excellence
  3. Integrity
  4. Appreciation
  5. Optimism
Meet the Team

The Virtues Project, founded in 1991, is based on the premise that people are inherently good and that virtues are the most basic elements of goodness. People worldwide apply The Five StrategiesTM  and practice the 100 virtues in their lives, organizations and communities. 

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Our Community of Changemakers

Partnerships in Unity, Purpose and Trust

We believe collectively, we can - and are - changing the world. Whether helping people become their best selves, supporting others creating systemic change or building healthy, resilient communities, we want to help.

Virtues Matter is committed to supporting our partners, clients and the broader community to create real progress toward change. We are creative, open-minded and determined. Whether co-creating positive content, training, products or programs, we want to hear from you.  Let's do it together.

Join Us

"Dara is one of my favorite guests. Her passion for improving the education system and empowering students always makes for a lively interview. It's as if you wrap up the interview and feel you can change the world. Or Dara will!"

Lori Brooks, Women of Vision
WASH FM 98.7

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