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Our Story

Virtues Matter is led by a passionate wife-husband team of social entrepreneurs who seek to positively change as many lives as possible. 

We aim to inspire and empower individuals, families, organizations and communities worldwide to build capacity, strengthen relationships, and live with passion and purpose.

To do that, we provide an interactive mobile app, dynamic workshops, online training, and custom programs to help cultivate positive qualities of character, build strong relationships, and support personal and professional growth. We believe in a world where people strive to develop positive qualities to better themselves, and where people live with hope, courage, and in unity, committed to kindness and respect.

"It started in 2005 when we attended a 3-day personal development retreat."

The retreat resulted in life-changing decisions to pursue careers for social change. Dara envisioned a better future for education, Dave the environment.

Within months, Dara learned about The Virtues Project and decided to make it her life's work, first volunteering as Direction of Education, becoming a Master Facilitator and eventually founding board chair. Dave co-founded a company building solutions that make communities more resilient and sustainable including an internationally recognized green business incubator and education center.

In 2019, Dara and Dave decided to work together full-time to positively change as many lives as possible. They aim to bring an entrepreneurial mindset to bringing others joy, meaning, and purpose.

We bring years of experience, enthusiasm, creativity, and a commitment of love and integrity to our work. Come join us!

The Virtues Project: Bringing out the Best in Ourselves and Others

We work in close partnership with the Virtues Project International Association (VPIA). VPIA, a Canadian not-for-profit, spans more than 100 countries and supports a network of thousands of facilitators who share its virtues-based principles and practices including The Five Strategies. VPIA provides inspiring, multi-cultural programs and materials, and works with Master Facilitators and Facilitators worldwide to assure the broadest possible distribution of the materials, principles, and strategies. The Project is not affiliated with any particular faith, but draws its research from all sacred traditions including the oral traditions of First Nations.

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