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7 Virtues

for the

Great Reset

Interactive Workshop

Winston Churchill said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

At this unknown crossroads, while we are coping with chaos and loss, we also find ourselves experiencing new levels of connectivity with family, friends and even workplaces.

How do we navigate through this time when the future is so uncertain? How do we evaluate our options,  personally, professionally and for our fragile communities and planet?

We have an unprecedented opportunity to write a new narrative -- a global reset in the realms of environmental sustainability, economic equity, new models of education, health care, and work.  It’s time to harness the collective will of humanity to make the most of this defining moment and avoid defaulting to a status quo that has had its day. 

Virtues provide guiding principles that will help us to respond ably to the call for innovative solutions 

Coming Soon - Mid October

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